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Thread: Alliance Contest in the Works!

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    Link Alliance Contest in the Works!

    Although I've been slacking and haven't made an official announcement. This website has been in the planning stages of an alliance with several other websites. The other sites, and are starting off a contest that will run through the alliance and involve us all.

    So, I urge you all to head on over to those two websites and check out their contests, because when they are done, and their winning entries are done, then the contest will move over here for a mapping competition! Jump on over there and get prepared to map for the win! - The Campaign Builders' Guide - Plot Storming
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    Hmph... could someone who is a member at TCBG ask an admin to verify my account? For some reason I didn't get the account verification email.
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    What a great idea!

    Presumably we start with the TCBG Competition (New Frontier) which establishes the setting, then the plotstorming people write a creative piece based in the setting for next month's competition and then we do the maps the month after that? What fun, and a great way to meet people in other communities who do related work. I can see solid relationships building up between Worldbuilders/writers/cartographers who are all working for a common purpose.

    Congratulations to whomever came up with the idea.


    p.s. Hellhound, I'm still waiting for my account at TCBG to be verified too.

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    i'll second this idea. sounds like a lot of fun. good luck to everyone. i might just try to enter all three..... hmmm. where would i find the time though, he thought...

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    I apologize for the inconvenience. We changed servers recently, and due to a few security issues, email notifications are currently inoperable. However, what that means is, you're already a member of the site, and ready to start posting! I just checked, and your account has full member status.

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    So what contest are we entering? At CBG is it the august competition, "A new frontier"? or something else.. I didn't see anything referencing the alliance in there, or at the other site for that matter.

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    Sounds interesting, though the 3 sites are rather different, it will be interesting to see what kind of contests they will come up with to share.

    Jared Blando

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