Greetings all:

I am the head of the exhibits department for the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History on Norman OK.

In October 2008 we purchased a ShopBot 3-axis CNC machine, and have used it to great effect for cutting panels, shapes, and lettering. Our next leap is into 3D, and we would like to produce textural maps from different regions or the Earth, Moon, and beyond.

I will be looking for resources in locating the appropriate data, and how to convert that into XYZ data that my software can recognize. At the suggestion of another ShopBotter, I have been looking at WILBUR to see how that can help us.

My first experience with cartography dates back to the early 80's when I had a summer internship with the State of New York's Northern Oneida County Council of Governments (NOCCOG) My task was to update the regions USGS land use survey maps for a aquifer study. All done by hand from aerial slides, and lettered with a Leroy.

Looking forward to exploring the new process.


Tom L.
[ 8^}>