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Thread: Maptool (or any other VTT) map objects

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    Wip Maptool (or any other VTT) map objects

    Now that I am back in Canada, and getting comfortable and ready to do some work again, I've been looking into Maptool for my campaigning needs. Maptool has come a LONG way since I picked it up last, and now with the art packs that come with it, I've been thinking of contributing my own. I've been trying to think up a style that would allow me to create objects fairly quickly, but also allow them to look fairly realistic.

    I've attached some examples of what I think will be the general style. I'll be posting some more as I get them done, but I was hoping to be able to put it to a jury when I run into issues with how i might go about a certain aspect or something...

    These first drawings were done in Photoshop, but I have since decided that since these objects are very vectoresque that I would like to do away with any size issues, and just make them vector based and therefore scaleable. So now I am in unfirmiliar territory, using Inkscape. I chose inkscape over the more firmiliar Illustrator because I found the processes I've been using much easier to accomplish in it, mainly creating a layer that is set to multiply instead of normal (which i found in illustrator was very confusing)... As I play around with inkscape I am finding I like it more and more, which I know a few of your here would like to hear.

    Anyways... I'll post the pics now, as well as a general description of how I go about making them, and open it up for ideas...
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