Well, if I had the money I would pay comission but I, sadly, don't.

I've been asked to make a map(I'm not getting paid for it and I will not take credit). I have realized that I really have no skill in making maps, and I want this one to look good. I have two weeks to a month before the story actually begins being written(meaning I'm not the only author). Having the map before then would be awesome, but it is not absolutely necessary.

I would like it to be 1280 x 1024 px in size. Other than that you can do what you want.

I would like the map style to be something like RobA's tutorial map or Coyotemax's Darklands map.

I do have a fairly lengthy description of the map, I would have an outline if my computer hadn't crashed, but you can use your imagination from the description to do what you think would look best.


Let's see... It's mostly hills, forests, and grasslands, with abundent arable land. It's very fertile, except for the rocky Chartasseus Mountains on the country's northern border, where iron mines are located.

North of these mountains is a barren wilderness of untamed territory, filled with ancient ruins and wild tribes of orcs. North of these wastes is a narrow channel, on the other side of which is the island kingdom of Trirania. Trirania is loosely modeled after medieval England, but it is also much different, as it is split in half by civil war between the Christian South and the Pagan North. The capitol of Trirania is called Mabon.

South and west is the Far Ocean, a vast body of water that is essentially the equivelant of Earth's Atlantic Ocean. This is to the west and half of the south. The other half of the south is an area of land connecting to a large peninsula as large as Namia itself: this is the neighboring kingdom of Ibera (equivelant of Spain). On the eastern shore, coming a bit inland, is Jindel Harbor, around which the sprawling metropolis of Jindel is built.

On Namia's eastern borders are two kingdoms. The northern kingdom, the larger of the two, is Serdia, which is mostly made up of dense forests, with rough, rolling terrain. This country is less fertile than Namia, but more productive, with access to many more abundent raw materials and mineral resources. Its capitol is Drachtenstein, which you can pretty much put wherever you want, and the semi-autonomous city-state of Elderhaven, which is built upon a plateau rising from the surrounding woodlands. The southern country is Norrica, with its capitol at Rethylholm, along with its two great sister-cities of Nor and Barlem. In ancient times, Norrica once held a vast empire that stretched across the continent, but now the country is mostly unimportant, just meant to take up space, as it is a mere shadow of its former glory.

Far, far west, pretty much on the other end of the continent, is a very large city called Cassy's Star.

Everything outside of Namia's borders- the northern wilds and the countries of Trirania, Ibera, Serdia, and Norrica- are optional. You don't have to include them if you don't want, and if you do, you should just include a small part of them that borders Namia. If you decide not to include things, You shouldn't include Cassy's Star at all. It's sort of just a reference to another story.

North of Jindel is Namia's greatest castle, the Silver Citadel, home of the legendary Silver Dragon Knights. It is ruled by the esteemed Count Belade de Leon, a good and honest noble who is a firm supporter of King Reynald.

Jenais is a small village just east of Jindel. Rouneirs is another small village further south and east than that, on the other side of a large patch of forest.

I think I may have confused east with west a few times in that description I gave of Jindel. Since this is just being made up as I go along, anyway, I don't have anything else to add except for what I've already said. So feel free to make suggestions, and add cities and towns and other such places. Place names should be pseudo-French (not quite French, but vaguely French sounding).

Namia encompasses a very wet, fertile region, so there should be an abundance of rivers, lakes, forests, and grasslands.

There are a few places that I insist must be on the map:


-Jindel Harbor

-Far Ocean (or at least the coast bordering it)

-Chartasseus Mountains

-Moongloom Marsh (a swampy region somewhere northeast of Jindel)

-Silver Citadel (north of Jindel)

-Faerie Forest (a forest on Namia's eastern border, which is actually the beginning of the Elderwood, Serdia's largest forest)

Rouniers and Jenais aren't necissary to add, since they're just minor villages. Jindel should surround Jindel Harbor like a waning crescent moon just east of it, and Jindel Harbor opens up into the Far Ocean.



This seems like a lot...

If I had the money(and method) I would gladly pay for it. All I have is an honest request. Please, this map is needed badly.

I will be attempting to work on a map while I'm waiting for this request to (maybe, hopfully) be taken. If I finish before this is taken I'll update it.