Well, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, or even if there is a right place (in which case, if there is not, CLs feel free to remove this).

I wanted to officially announce the launch of my new blog, "The Undiscovered Author". I've actually had it up for three weeks, but I'm choosing now because I've successfully completed a full week of daily posts, and even as I'm getting my posting schedule ironed out, I'm proud enough of the work I've accomplished to let it out into the light of day.

"The Undiscovered Author" is about a writer trying to get published, and balancing the conflicting demands of a day job, a growing family, and trying to find the time to write. Along the way, I'll explore some of the common tropes and cliches of the fantasy and science fiction genres and offer some of my own commentary on those topics.

I hope you'll join me or, if you have other friends who might be interested in the topics covered by my blog, that perhaps you'll forward this on to those friends to let them give it a read.

The URL for the blog can be found at: undiscoveredauthor.wordpress.com.