Hey guys, first post here. I've been lurking for a couple weeks now and enjoying the fantastic maps posted here. Truly inspiring.

I'm nowhere near the skill level of using anything like Illustrator or Photoshop (yet) but my friend did let me use his old Cartographer 3 software to put a basic functioning map together.

I've decided to come up with some names first before I map it out but would like to get something fairly exhaustive concerning lesser known topographical names.

I've already had a quick look around at some of the threads but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for so I thought I'd just post a few here so people can get a flavor of what I'm looking for:


I recall doing fairly well in my geography and geology classes (I still know what an alluvial plain, estuary, caldera, moraine, and cirque are etc.) but I'm talking about more of the older names and features that have either fallen out of use or are just uncommon.

I'd be most appreciative if anybody could point me to a resource that would address this or if one does not exist, would be willing to help in compiling a list.