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Thread: Heraldry Stock Images - A Dump of Files

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    Default Heraldry Stock Images - A Dump of Files

    Hello everyone...
    As I have previously whinged... Heraldry Stock Art seems to be light on the ground. I have a bank of consistently done images for use in heraldry/coats of arms, etc.

    So I have stuck below a ZIP of the broad array of Heraldic items I have. You will no doubt recognise them from other works I have done... And Yes, I no doubt suck at using them to make nice images...

    BUT I thought I'd toss them out there for those with greater skills and more talent than I to potentially make into something SPECTACULAR instead of something just "average".

    [EDIT] Cavaet Emptor people... they are nice and handy, but unfortunately they are small and very GIF based... I wish I could do more with them and turn them into a more usable end product by my drawing skills are not particularly impressive... I'd plead with those who are more talented (Ravels, RobA, and anyone else I didn't think of who is known for their awesome drawing skills) to get in and maybe update these into something more useful at larger scales... or at least send me a message so I can learn to do it. [/EDIT]
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