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    Map Oostangelt en de Verboden Pas

    Unfortunately, I do not have a WIP for this map. After I sent Matrim here, he told me I should get my map on here... Even though I think it's

    The map is completely in Dutch, with Dutch-sounding names. May be a bit hard on the average English tongue and throat (topicname is Dutch too: "Oostangelt and the Forbidden Pass", I haven't thought up a decent English equivalent for 'Oostangelt' yet)

    On the map are the County of Oostangelt in a country called Bern. The Verboden Pas (Forbidden Pass) is also on this map because I didn't want two separate maps. Just imagine some random map-drawing peasant had the funky idea to draw exactly what the PC's need before they told him

    A bit of mission back-story: The players of my D&D campaign are on a mission to get to Khaz Dukar (extreme north on the map, land of the Dwarves), unfortunately, due to insane amounts of 'Pirates' most skippers won't take their ships out. The PC's bargained a trip on a ship from the west of the country to the east, the skipper and crew wanted to go home, and the PC's where to provide security. But now the only viable route is walking... through the 'Verboden Pas', which isn't a very inviting place judging by the name. They've heard of a way to go OVER it though. They came into Oostangelt near the village of 'Gammelbrug' (Which would be something like 'Ramshacklebridge' in English ).

    There aren't many villages, towns and cities on this map yet, since I haven't thought them up yet The county is divided in Baronies. Each barony may have more than one town/village in it. But those are still not found in the chaos that is my brain. I've mainly bothered with those I could think up.

    I may or may not eventually produce a world map, but I found that drawing maps is QUITE time consuming, (took me a good 30 hours I guess). I absolutely LOVE building this world, but I have to watch out not to overdo it since I still have to create adventures too

    The towns, cities and villages are probably oversized. I mainly copied Pasis' style and textures, so at first I didn't really think this was worth posting. Matrim convinced me to do so anyway.

    Things I've learned:
    - There's no such thing as 'high resolution'. As big as I thought this map was (and my computer agrees), I would almost say it's too small. But I fear my computer will explode in a huge fireball if I push it any further...
    - Map making takes cartloads of time.
    - Textures make or break a map (so I used Pasis' tutorial textures).
    - Mountains in this climate zone should have snow on them, and should be more greyish.
    - Having a large font collection is good!

    Things I wonder (partially jokingly):
    - Is it normal for computers to spend five minutes on a single (albeit complicated) command?
    - Is it normal for computers to warm the entire house? On the bright side, I never had cold feet during the making of this map
    - How in the world do people make make good tile-able textures?

    People I should tank:
    - Pasis, for making an awesome tutorial.
    - The creator of this forum, for making an equally awesome forum.
    - Matrim, for inspiring me to post this map.
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