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    Map The Black Tunnels

    Once in a world, there stood two massive empires, Gianor and Durnvia; both holding impressive armies, but both were clinging to a dying economy. What little trade there was between the two superpowers was hindered by a great range of mountains known as the Icewall, through which there was but a narrow pass, which had recently become infested with giants. To increase trade between the two nations, the emperor of Gianor proposed that a tunnel should be dug beneath the mountains, establishing a much safer trade route. At the entrances on both sides would be built two mighty fortress's, defending the critical trade route. Excavation began, relying on giant slaves for the most part.

    As excavation continued, a large cavern was discovered. It was very likely an old Dragon cavern, but an ancient altar was discovered in a side room, suggesting that it had been later converted into the headquarters of a religious sect. Not long after the digging continued, the miners discovered a massive chasm, perfectly round, and seemingly no bottom. Nicknamed Aluduin (means Mountain's Piercing in Gianorian), legends and rumours were quick sprung up as to what may lay at the bottom, but it is generally accepted that the dragon cave and the religious relics's proximity to the chasm could not be coincidence. Excavation continued once a bridge was constructed over the Chasm. Eventually, the tunnel was completed, and trade flourished between the two empires, but it is still a mystery as to what dwells at the bottom of the cavern.
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