Greetings Cartographers!

Chris here from Fantasy Brewmasters seeking quality craftsmanship for a fair wage. At Fantasy Brewmasters we are working to craft real life beers based on the magical worlds of Dwarves, Ogres, Elves and more.

We are currently writing a companion book, Boran Coalbeard's Gazetteer of Beers, Ales, and Brewed Beverages, and are in dire need of a world map to base our world famous, Dwarven beer connoisseur’s travels around.

Our guild is built of the commonwealth, and we offer this chance of greatness to all. We wish not to waste thy time, so we offer this simple proposal:

Build us a rough draft of your most amazing fantasy world. Include but one semi-detailed continent with mere outlines of those surrounding it. Attention should go to the fantastical concept, not yet the artistic value. For this we offer a wage of 50 US dollars to the finest concept submitted.

As we review these quick sketches, we shall also be on the watch for a skilled cartographer for which to hire out the final piece. this commission shall consist of a generous wage, roughly budgeted at $300 to $500.

For further details please visit our official post and discussion board on deviantART: