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    Wip Large Temple Complex

    Some of you may recall the large temple I posted a while back; well I'm finally pretty much completed with the ground floor (minus any labels). Since I'm planning on offering this map for sale I can't post any high-quality images, but it's clear enough to get the idea across. The plan is drawn using AutoCAD though I plan on adding some hand-drawn embellishments along with some Photoshop treatment.

    The complex boasts its own militia/guard complete with their own keep, barracks and training grounds; I designed it to have considerable security since a temple of such importance will have plenty of rare and valuable artifacts under its care. There are several large kitchens to feed not only all of the clerics, monks, acolytes, soldiers, servants, etc but also all of the peasants and pilgrims that are always present. There are stables and a carriage house, warehouses and grain silos for tithes, cloisters for the priests and monks, agricultural areas, running water feeding several fountains, multiple shrines and smaller temples, classrooms, a huge conference chamber, libraries and even a private garden area for the VIPs and important guests. I made sure to include garderobes complete with the drains mapped out for those more daring (and diminutive) thieves...

    The finished product will include the catacomb/basement levels and a few upper stories along with complete descriptions.

    As always, I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions.
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