Quilted Theah

Composite and details of the quilted map of Theah & Cathay, the main continents of the 7th Sea rpg.
  1. Another view of the whole map - I don't have enough room in the house for a good full-size shot.
  2. This is where the legend was supposed to go.  Somehow, it got left off, so I just added my signature.
  3. Substitute legend
  4. Detail of Vodacce mainland
  5. Cathay - the far east.  Separated from the rest of the continent by a wall of fire.  Working with the brocade was interesting.
  6. Ussura - Russia.  Was very difficult to sew.  The yellow is a very loose weave and would stretch all over the place, the brown was a suede-ish fabric...
  7. Vendel-Vesten - Scandinavia.  Was pretty simple once I got everything in the right place.
  8. Avalon - England, Ireland, and Scotland.  Scotland is its own island this time, the small one at the end.  Avalon has the smallest provinces - made...
  9. Montaigne - France.  Came together well, but the river up the center made it flex a bit.
  10. Eisen - Germany.  Was the simplest and went together the easiest.
  11. Empire of the Crescent Moon - the middle east.  Yes, it has provinces, but they are all set by nomads so trying to map the borders is impossible. ...
  12. Vodacce - Italy.  Each large province on the mainland is ruled from the matching island.  More brocade and velvet made it interesting, especially...
  13. Castille - Spain.  The patterned fabric in the middle (the grain-growing heartland) was very thick and stiff, but otherwise things went well.  The...
  14. Quilted map of Theah. 
Each province has its own fabric.  This was made mostly as a prototype - I hope to do a better pieced one eventually.
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