My conworld I've been working on for close to 7-years now, though for which I've only recently become serious about creating maps for.
  1. large Inner sea - top left
  2. large Inner sea - top right
  3. large Inner sea -  bottom left
  4. large Inner sea -  bottom right
  5. SMALL Inner Sea map
  6. the hareshk
  7. Aedenis
  8. NEW   inner sea   map. 
colour mock-up of the new version of the Elyden Map
  9. STAR map flat 
The original STAR-MAP for Elyden's skies. every constellation has been detailed (to varying degrees) and a handful of major stars...
  10. an antique version of the STAR MAP amde with a paper layer set to hard-light and various other subtle (or not so-subtle) weathering /grunge effects
  11. WAGNER IX projection of the world (i have since made some mibnor changes to the coastlines, particularly around the region known as the Inner Sea.
  12. ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION of the world. like other such projections here this has since been updated, with some coastlines changed.
  13. KORACHANI EMPIRE. a quick (by my standards...) map of the eponymous Korachani empire that dominated my conworld for most of its existence. i have...
  14. the goblin king
  15. the shadow and the helix
  16. THE ARID TRIPTYCH - a region in my world so-called as its south of the 35th parallel and in a rainshadow, creating the arid climate.
  17. THE INNER SEA - a relatively recent depiction of the Inner Sea, though since then the graticules have been updated to actually amke sense :p using an...
  18. OLD MAP -the first complete iteration of the Inner Sea map, completed in c.2011. since then i have made some changes to the coastlines and nation...
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