Works in Progress

These are all works in progress (or total rejects) for a campaign I was writing that has since mutating into a campaign setting. Similar to the myriad cosmology my Horizon cosmology consists of many many worlds grouped into clusters and constellations. Planes exist within planes is getting, admittedly, rather large and complicated. The maps are basic and designed o have the players scratch notes on after they have been handed out. I want to do more ornate versions but I'm still trying to find a system that works for me.
  1. Everblight (Political)
  2. Wavecrest
  3. Oceanus (Political)
  4. Breachcrest (Archeology)
  5. Widdershins 
Basic features.
  6. Everblight Constellation 
The worlds of everblight are distinguishable by their hot dry desert climates.  It's a little off the beaten path for now...
  7. Oceanus Constellation 
The majority of the Oceanus Constellation shown with known gate paths between planes.
  8. Feltide - Archeology 
Feltide is a smaller plane with a low population covered in small villages and primitive cultures.
  9. Oceanus - Archeology 
This was the first map I made and it was completed before I had actually nailed down where everything was going to go. ...
  10. Allshore - Political 
A political map showing roads towns and cities.
  11. Allshore - Archeology 
A friend commented that all of my maps appear to be round. This is by design as all of these planes are flat and disc like,...
  12. Horizon Supercluster 
This is a planar map of Horizon and the clusters of material planes that it contains.  Oceanus is my current focus and the...
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