Lynop Topography

The following are five maps I drew with pencil, ink, and gel pen to depict a single continent of the planet Lynop, a crucial place in the history of its native intelligent race and the local sector of the galaxy within my science fiction Lone Soldier story arc. They can be compiled into a single image when lined up properly, but it is too massive for posting here.
  1. Lynop Continent Sector 1 
known for the Highway Corridor and Nokibur Lake
  2. Lynop Continent Sector 2 
formerly seat of power for the late Lord Payreis, a city renamed Suilik for its claiming noble
  3. Lynop Continent Sector 4 
south of the Highway Corridor, best representaton of Lord Haran's depicted lands
  4. Lynop Continent Sector 5 
south of the renamed city Suilik, center of Lord Ethedryl's domain
  5. Lynop Continent Sector 3 
the Crayr Desert, named for its cannibalistic natives
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