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  1. WIP - Ernie'sTome ( rnitom, The Infinite Planet)

    Quote Originally Posted by Baile nam Fonn View Post
    || UPDATE: comments, advice, encouragement welcome! I'm new to mapping and this is my first public map project.
    || Descending into madness: the attached export map & trace pleased me initially, but now I want better resolution!
    || To achieve this, I'm using 1 x 1 embarks / embark anywhere and exporting local images. It will be a bunch of sea-bed elevation stuff

    Updated 04-11-2015 at 04:29 PM by Baile nam Fonn

    WIP - Ernie'sTome
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  2. [WIP] Home-brew Campaign Setting Map

    Quote Originally Posted by wthrasherb View Post
    Howdy folks! Typically on the weekends I try to work on fun/rpg related material... something leisurely at any rate. Friday night I decided to try to create a new map in the style of my World of Aerdlon map (found here).

    The first part is fairly easy since I'm just doing the initial "shaping" in Fractal Terrains 3 and Wilbur. I actually spend more time waiting on the computer to render/process stuff at this stage more than anything else, but it is still a lengthy process,
  3. Next steps

    Quote Originally Posted by wthrasherb View Post
    I thought I should make at least some kind of progress post even though I haven't made it very far since my last post. This week has been extra busy and I haven't had much time to work on the fun stuff

    Anyway, I'm still working on the World level for this map right now (although after this post I'm going to start work on a more detailed region). The last version I posted was an Equirectangular or Cylindrical Equidistant (and technically Plate Carree) map projection. Today I'm posting
  4. Latest and greatest... and a border!

    Quote Originally Posted by wthrasherb View Post
    I'm proud to present this map today. For anyone who has been following along, I've been focusing on the ocean and finding some kind of blending that works for me. Consider it done. I added some "grungy" texturing and more Photoshop magic and got the following result. I also touched up some coloring in some areas to add some subtle variations. The first image here is just the map image. The second image is the map with a border and "cartouche" and I added a canvas texture to give
  5. Need feedback on color

    Quote Originally Posted by wthrasherb View Post
    Ok, so I lied earlier when I said I was done with the color. I thought the last one was just a little too dark, so I adjusted the brightness and a few things to brighten up the overall picture.

    Any input, especially about tje color, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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