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I've decided to do an admin blog ;)

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So, I think I'm going to try and maintain a blog here as admin/owner of the site. If you decide to follow this blog, expect it to be mainly website oriented with the occasional work related post, and then the occasional graphics/art related post. I haven't done any mapping in a while, but I'm still the occasional artist for work, though that's been scarce as well since I'm mostly coding.

As for the guild, I've been working on beefing up the front page, the public relations, the advertising, and funding for the guild. We need to move hosts again, Dreamhost keeps having trouble, and I don't want to just arbitrarily change to another VPS provider. I want us to upgrade to dedicated hosting, and that's going to be expensive.

Anyways, keep an eye here if you want any insight into my head and stuff. I'll post more later.
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  1. jlficks's Avatar
    Thanks for putting up such a great site! I do have a blog related question that I've been wondering about for awhile, but given that you just made yourself available here I think I'll ask.

    I was wondering about content expectations on the blog. Do you want all blog entries to be map related? I had refrained from posting some of my other blog entries on this site since not all were map related. I'm ok with whatever your preferences are. I've just finished a city map I'd like to blog about soon.

    Thanks again for the great site and content.
  2. Robbie's Avatar
    Nope, I don't have any expectations for blog entries other than keeping with the general spirit of the site. And by spirit, I mean that this is a mature and responsible community and we avoid political, religious, and foul language debates, etc. As long as you stay calm and don't try to incite problems on your CG blog, staying on topic is not a requirement.

    However, keep in mind your blog is public and will be available for everyone to see. That includes our new PR guy. If a blog post is on topic and deemed relevant, it might get promoted to the front page and possibly shared to twitter and facebook, etc...