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    Hey everyone,

    I was sorting through a bunch of maps that I have printed out and I was trying to think of a good way to store them. Currently all of my maps are either folded up and put in a filing cabinet or scattered throughout my home. So I was just wondering how people store their printed maps, and if there are any good suggestions on how to do it.

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    I don't have a lot of printed maps, but I store my flat artwork in one of those paper portfolios you can get at any art supply shop for $3-5. Also get a nice heavy piece of cardboard to sandwich the paper against the side of the portfolio so it doesn't sag. Or you can simply lay it down flat if you have somewhere to store it that way. Just don't put heavy stuff on top of it!

    I used to have a cabinet with a lot of very short, but wide and long shelves that was perfect for storing art and paper, but I had to leave it behind when I moved—No room for it in the tiny apartment.
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    Because of my namesake, I print and laminate then roll it up to place in a tube. Lamination helps them last longer, and while rolling them up puts a curl in the map, just roll tightly in the opposite direction and most of the curl settles down. Besides the weight of the lamination helps keep the curl down. Of course if the map gets beat up, I run a print shop, so I just print them again. I never fold them however. I can live with a curl far more than I can live with a crease. I print 90% of the maps I design.

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    all of my printed ones are hand drawn, and I just keep them on one of my shelves. I can get them easily enough, and they are put out of the way.

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    I store them in simple cardboard or plastic folders. Ideally, I'd get a cabinet for all my drawing stuff, but well.. limited space and money

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    I've only had a few of mine printed out - but they are mounted and hang on my wall

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    I put mine in sheet protectors in binders if I plan on using them again (ie world maps, city maps. Most Dungeon maps I need only once and can reprint if needed again)

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    I would love to be able to get a large filing cabinet for my maps, but I don't have the space in my tiny apartment. The big artwork portfolio is a good idea, I think I am going to look into getting one of those.

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