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Thread: The Dominion of the Elders of Sorres

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    Default The Dominion of the Elders of Sorres

    Long title I know.

    Here is the beginning of my new map, the Dominion (Dal equivelant of a Duchy or State) of the Elders of Sorres, this is the second of three projects I have planned. My last map, White Rock City, was the capital of the region so i thought the safest attempt for my next map would be to do the region itself. First some background, the region is the smallest of the dominions of the Dal, being only 7500 square miles which is a little more than 5% of the total Dal land. The region is bordered to the west by the Young Peaks, to the north by Jeharitu's Ridge and to the south by the northern coastal marshes of the Dominion of the Ten-Kerai clan. The land used to be apart of the Dominion of the clan of Sorres but the clan was wiped out after their lands were invaded by the Ten-Kerai and the Bae-Sunn clans. The Sava'N Elders of White City, who were known for the peace-loving ideals and great inventions, sent a message to the Jha'N, the leader of the Dal, pleading to have their people spared. The Jha'N proved to be mercifull on that occassion, and even though the Sorres were annihilated, the Elders were spared and some of the land were gifted back to them and the Elders were instated as the leaders of their own new dominion. Although most of the land captured by the invading clans remained in their possession a large tract of flood-plain, now called The Gift, perfect for the farming of rice was gven back to the Elders. The dominion is also protected from attack by other clans by a Royal Treaty, but only on the condition that the Elders do not take hostile military actions against anyone else except at the command of the Jha'N. This dominion is also the first case in the history of the Dal where members of the Sava'N caste have attained this much administrative power and, although they have no real military power or a noble bloodline, have a member sitting on the Jha'N's council.

    Anyway, enough talk. I have already done the base work for the map including the water, landmass and colour and rough bases for areas of elevation. This map will not be as big or as indepth as my other map, I don't think I would be able to handle a task like that again anytime in the near future. More work to come soon.

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