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    Well so this is my finished map for the continent of Arylia. There are 14 countries with 139 cities total. I tried to make it so each country's city names are done in relatively the same style to account for language differences. In some cases, like Fjin, Daeland, or Fukiruko, the style is fairly obvious. In some others it might not be.

    The country of Cz (Si-Zee) is a language like hebrew, without vowels. So its country names are like Xs'n (Kiz-In), Ph'Nr (F-Ner). When you say these names, try and eliminate the vowel sound as much as you can and your saying it right.

    Granted, with the country of Cz, when I initially but 5 towns on that damn island, i wasn't thinking about labeling, so the names were short so they would fit, hence creating the language style.

    The country of Fjin is the other really interesting one. This takes its style from the norse language, as well as a twist of my own fantasy. The capital city of Roe'Maeg (Row ' Mie-g) is another favorite name of mine.

    Deviant Art for full download:

    Edit: Try to ignore the white pixles around the edge. Its supposed to be a transparent background. I have no idea why its doing that...
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    I like the style a colors. The text is a little hard to read at first but not illegible. Was going to ask about the pixels but you've already got that handled. Have some rep!

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    Thanks for the rep ^^

    Yeah, the colors were actually an accident, but it worked perfectly. I'm terrible with color usually.

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    I like the general appearance of this map. Nice colors, readable font, good landmass shapes. Personally, I don't like such distressed maps unless there's a specific reason for it. Yes, old maps tend to be distressed, but I find a lot of distressing on what are supposed to be representations of someone's world at the "present". But in this case, it's a special pet peave of mine: the burnt all around the edges map. That almost impossible to achieve except by deliberately singeing all the edges. Firstly, the map needs to be opened up instead of folded or rolled up. Then you somehow need to get a fire that surrounds the map and yet fails to consume it... or even drop an ember onto the "important" parts of the map. It breaks my sense of realism every time. The other issue is even more common, but more generally recognized as problematic. Your river systems are impossible in nature. Unless you've got absolute mad canal building going on or a lot of "a wizard did it"s, you'll want to check out the advice at before the River Police show up.

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