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Thread: How do I do medieval like maps

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    Help How do I do medieval like maps

    Something like this:

    I've been looking trough the forum and i couldn't found a tutorial.

    I've already made the land, but i don't know how to do the forests and the mountains

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    Gidde, myself, and a few others have some tutorials on making mountains. There are quite a few others also for mountains and trees. Also, the in the resource section, there are quite few premade tree brushes as well as mountain brushes. of course, if you want a hand drawn look... you have to hand draw it.....

    Also, a lot depends on your image manipulation tool of choice (or necessity if you have a price limit and no software already).
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    There is a a tutorial on how to make that specific style of maps in GIMP/PS. It is called Hand-Drawn Mapping (for the Artistically Challenged). It teaches how to make that style of mountains, forests, textures, etc. The map's brushes are also provided. The tutorial's author, Gidde is the same person who made that map.
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    Thank you, i didn't saw that tutorial

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