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Thread: Hi all, I'm Wolfgang

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    Default Hi all, I'm Wolfgang

    Hi, I'm Wolfgang.

    I guess I joined Catrographer's Guild because I've been making maps and drawing up city plans for games and for no reason for years now. Here are a few examples of my work, tell me what you think.

    One I am not too proud of...

    My current work in progress.

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    Hey Wolfgang, welcome to the guild! The WIP looks great, although i think the mountains need to be more prominent. Duplicating the layer a few times will easily do that. You should post a thread in the WIP section so that we can see your map progress and come to fruition
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    Thanks Gallifreyan, I think that I will. I've only just started on the digital front of map design, so my work is a little rough.

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    Welcome aboard and it looks like that WIP is coming along nicely. I know how it is being new to the digital front. I'm still learning stuff and struggling over trying to make things look the way I can do it by hand. But, I learn with every map and I get faster each time so eventually I think I'll be good to go. You keep at it, and you will be doing some great stuff.
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome to the guild! The wip looks really great
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    It does look good. Have some rep for posting your early maps right off. If you start a WIP thread we can try to help out. Looks like you're following Ascension's atlas-style tutorial on the WIP? I've done that one a couple of times and played with some of the variables...and I'm sure more than a few others have done so as well. Welcome to the Guild!

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