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Thread: How do I rotate brushes in photoshop 6?

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    Default How do I rotate brushes in photoshop 6?

    Okay so how do I rotate brushes in PS 6? ... answer: buy a version of photoshop published in the past 10 years? Heard that one (fair call)...but any other way?
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    Try this link, maybe it will help.
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    I haven't worked with a version of Photoshop that old, but in current versions, there is a "angle jitter" setting in the brushes palette. This can be set to randomly rotate a brush, or to rotate it along the path of the brush stroke by choosing "direction," or to rotate it according to a variety of controls on a tablet. As far as I know, there is no way to rotate a brush to place it with a particular orientation with a single "drop," like you might want to do with, for example, a house brush. It'd certainly be nice if there were, and if anybody else knows how to do it, I'm all ears!
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