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Thread: Oakfall

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    Wip Oakfall

    Hello, this is my 2nd attempt at mapping (not counting the sketches that didn't make it ). Sketching this digitally, but I intend to transfer the map to paper and hand-paint it. I think with Acrylics.

    Because paints and paper don't have undo buttons and.. almost no 'saved copies', I'm.. kinda counting on you guys to point my mistakes before the graphite touches the paper. *cough*

    Temporary kingdom name? I like the word Serok/ Serrok from earlier times; but not sure as what. It's not a peninsula/ island. Just 'Lands of Serok'? Plains?
    There's a lot of oaks here, so the color scheme would be autumn-y and earthy. Mid-sized, fairly powerful kingdom, surrounded by 4 other countries and a sea. Religious fanatics --well, more like, Church is powerful because of their ties with the ruling House, but whether the majority of the population actually support their views/fanaticism..
    Cornered people tend to defend their views more vocally, anyway. The surrounding countries are of different faith(s).

    Size should be around the size of Latvia, somewhere between Switzerland and Austria. [Honestly I haven't thought about the scale that much. It's too easy for me to get carried away with populations and economy.]

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	falls1cWIP.jpg 
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    This is the initial sketch/ color scheme. Border is maybe too contemporary, but haven't got a better composition yet. Border/ornaments will have oak motifs later. I like the idea of putting the kingdom's crest somewhere in the map, though.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	falls1c2.jpg 
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    Currently sitting on this stage. Made the mountains into ridges and I think it looks better/makes more sense for this map than the way I previously draw mountains. I've made sketches for the icons, but haven't found the middle-ground between streamlined/iconic and elaborate.

    Anything I should fix/ modify so far? Thank you. xD

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    Freaking wow! Sorry, I don't have anything else to say other than that.

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    I already love it
    Very inspiring. I don't see anything wrong so far, both pictures are nice and pleasant to see
    I agree with you, the bottom picture is better in terms of understanding the relief. I would keep it like this if it was up to me.

    Can't wait to see the final outcome!

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    looks really good, love the colors - I'd love to see a bigger version, its hard to critique when you can't see details
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    Wow, this is looking really good so far Obliro. I like both versions (the autumn palette is fitting and beautiful, though I can see Dain's point).


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    I love these as well. I can see a real awesome geopolitical map made with the second graphic. It wold of courses have to be an entire world/continent/country/etc. I really need to learn to do hand drawn styles, probably going to need to get a tablet first though. I can see concepts brewing in my mind. Also agree with Tilt on the resolution problem unless it's in order to protect the product if its a commisioned work or something.
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    I do agree the mountains in the second image look really nice and I think they look better than you older ones. Also I have to echo that the palette is wonderful, but I do have a deep fondness for autumn tones.

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    Looks great, the colours, too.

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    Great map! I love that style of mountains and the colors are very nice too!
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