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Thread: My first two maps

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    Map My first two maps

    I've fallen in love with the map making fever. I tried my hand making a couple of rough ones just for the giggles and was thinking about using one of them for a game I'm set to run.

    They ARE unfinished in a sense... they lack political boundaries and city locations (and, seeing as how I haven't a clue on how to do that and make it look good yet... advice is welcome), but otherwise these are relatively fun and I"m working on more.

    My first attempt at Infernia

    My second attempt at Infernia

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    Better than mine! (lots better)

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    The first one's nicely convoluted - lots of opportunities for canals and ferries! Big semi-sheltered inland seas or bays - nice for developing seamanship and trade. The seafloor relief is fairly subtle, but think about what you're going for. If it's at all a "period" piece, would a cartographer have much data from beneath the surface? It's a somewhat 'satellite' view already, so if you like seeing the continental shelf, there's nothing wrong with it. Does it add anything though? It could - maybe hinting at shoals where fishing might be best? Or for that matter where the depths harbor kraken ... I know nothing of your setting :-).

    On the second one a couple of the rivers' headwaters start implausibly near an opposite shore. That can happen, but you'd expect a more dramatic ridge to cause it. You did a good job showing some taper to the rivers, but they'd be improved by at least some having tributaries. The continent is a promising shape. That south edge is kind of obviouly crowded into a line though - it might work best if you started with plenty of elbow room around your landmass. That most of your lakes are landlocked seems odd - at least some of them would have filled their basin until it overflowed. The topography is subtle enough that there's several places a plausible outlet river could be drawn.

    I like 'em.

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