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Thread: Need Game Field for a Browsergame

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    Default Need Game Field for a Browsergame


    I search for something like this (without the buildings): Please klick here

    A friend of mine and me too we develop a browsergame.
    The developing is not the problem, but we need a map where the user cand build some house, like a harbour or something like that.
    But we both can't design so we find this creat community, and we hope, that maybe someone here can held us.

    We need a map like the image, with some lanscape and very important is the see. Maybe some Stones, Forrest, and some grass and sand.
    Is that possible?


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    Please review the sticky at the top of this sub-forum and provide the suggested info. This will help you to find any potential takers for your project.
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    Time Constraints

    I would like to find an individual or a few who can help me with this project so that in a few days that I could develop the rest of the game.

    The style of the ma should be semi professional and look the like the example image in the top.

    Description of Map
    •[semi professional]
    •[Required for print and web] We'll work out a file transfer system so that I can recieve copies of the original files/images.
    •[Dimensions of map: should like 750px x 500px something like that, but I can scale the images as needed with Photoshop CS4 or Gimp.
    •[Raster / Vector] No preference as long as the scale would be sufficient enough to allow for detail without pixelating.

    The copyright is by the creater but we must have the full rights to use and used also for commerical.

    Hope that helps? Thanks again for your time and consideration!

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    Newwarrior - I always feel obliged to point out that, if you are going to potentially make money on a project using someone else's work, you should probably offer to pay them.

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