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Thread: Dragonslayer's D&D Custom Globe

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    Map Dragonslayer's D&D Custom Globe

    My client had a very long-running series of D&D campaigns with a well developed continent, but only a few local maps. The custom continent replaces Faerūn on an otherwise standard D&D world of Abeir-Toril. The challenge was to combine the various local maps and not-always-complete textual descriptions, with existing geography.

    We chose Google Earth as the main out-put medium, for it's ease of use and the ability to turn various layers on and off. The ability to place higher resolution images in areas of high detail also came in handy. Google Earth is great for dealing with extreme differences in scale and the curvature of a globe. City dots and lables are defined within Google earth for clarity and pin-point accuracy.

    The rendering style was chosen for maximum readability. Since some players were colorblind, pattern as well as color is used to distinguish the terrain types.


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    And exploring the Guild more I find my own world showcased! Very cool and thanks again for the project JW.

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    Looks nice, are there fat maps available? And extra kudos for considering color blind players. As a color blind person myself, I can appreciate this very much.

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