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Thread: need sci fi style maps of San Francisco/Bay Area, North America and World

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    Default need sci fi style maps of San Francisco/Bay Area, North America and World

    I need three maps made with a science fiction motif for a future campaign setting. The maps made in a similar style. The first map needs to be a map of San Francisco and the bay area. This should be a "neighborhoods" map, rather than a street by street map. The second map would be of North America, including Canada, United States, and Mexico. The final map would be a map of the world. All three maps are for a setting in the future, so would need a high tech feel to them. The degree of detail and the actual layout of the various national features can be discussed with the interested cartographer, along with commission fees and time frame.

    It is easiest to reach me at my email address with gmail: sidhu.gamer (at) gmail. When querying, please send a link to a sample map to see if your style would work.

    Thank you for your interest.

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    Default updated information

    The specific details of the map will be discussed with whomever is interested in the commission. As to sample maps, I have none and would like to work with the commission artist in designing said map. I have requested that those interested send a sample of their map making style or a link to such to see if it along the lines of what I am interested in. I suppose a close example would be for the map to look futuristic, ala "Tom Clancy".

    In terms of copyright, I would have a license to use the map for commercial purposes, while the artist could use it for portfolios, but not for commercial use.

    With regard to payment and time frame, again ... that would be negotiated with the commissioned artist.

    Hope that clarifies things more.

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