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    Default Great Middle Earth Map

    Many hours to make. Colors inspired from this map, many brushes. I'll list them all when i have time. Below, you can find bigger types of map. Free to use for all non commercial projects.

    Please, while using 5000x5000 or bigger resolutions, don't remove my name or give credits/my link to deviantArt page.

    ***Other Resolutions***

    150x150, png, 17~ kb

    600x600, png, 200~ kb

    5000x5000, jpg, 2.3~ mb

    5000x5000, png, 6.7~ mb

    14000x14000, jpg, 12.3 ~ mb

    14000x14000, png, 37~ mb
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    Wow. That's rather amazing. Have some rep. Where does the reference for areas beyond the traditional LotR map come from? Was this stuff published by Tolkien? I don't know much beyond The Hobbit and the trilogy.

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    Many extended areas from Merp and Atlas of Mittle Earth. They used all of Tolkien's books and added fictional (fan-fic (: ) things to it. Atlas of Middle Earth is creation of a real cartographer, i believe. But they has referances or little infrmation on original Tolkien books. Such as Hildorien, Cuivienen ect...

    Thanks! ^^

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    looks like I'm a little late for this one. I was able to find the site via the wayback machine, but unfortunatley the images are no longer available. Does anyone by chance know of any other links for the large (5000x5000) huge (14000x14000) images or a copy of them? I would love to see the details of this one.


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