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Thread: In Need of a Professional Looking Map!

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    Hello everyone! Iím in the process of developing the setting Iíll use in my upcoming novels, but while I love mapmaking, my current skills are inadequate for the task and time constraints are forcing me to focus exclusively on writing. Therefore, Iíd like to commission the map(s) from one of you talented individuals!

    What Iím looking for is a continental map, but with the amount of elements and level of details typically found in regional maps. Iíd like the map done in this style (with a lighter palette though), but with forests and wetlands done in this style Whether you prefer to do it as one large map or several regional ones isnít terribly important, as long as all the elements (mountains, hills, forests, marshes, etcÖ) are all clearly visible. Iím mostly interested in the geographic features of the map, so markers for towns, political boundaries, etcÖ are not required, although labels for oceans, seas, gulfs and bays would be appreciated because I personally have a hard time telling those apart.

    I have a rough outline of the continent done, which you can see here Itís currently at a scale of 580 miles/inch, but Iíd like the final product to be in the 300-250 miles/inch range to accommodate the level of details I had in mind. Iím not overly fond of the islands I did, so feel free to replace them with some of your own. Iím also open to minor tweaks being made to improve the larger landmasses. I can provide basic input regarding content (ex: this region has deserts and savannas, the continent has X number of great lakes, etcÖ) but esthetically speaking, Iím basically giving you free range as to what goes where. I do have a couple of minor features that are essential for story purposes, but Iíll discuss those further with applicants.

    Iím unfamiliar with how long it takes to make maps as gorgeous as those Iíve seen on this site, so Iím giving this commission the tentative deadline of august 31st. Payment for the map(s) will be made via Paypal. If youíre interested in the project, please contact me through PM and weíll discuss rates and any other details.

    Since my intentions are to use this for publication, I want all rights to copy and distribute the map(s) produced, either partially or in full, for commercial purposes. In return, I will give the artist the right to exhibit said map(s) as part of his/her portfolio in a non-commercial capacity.

    Please feel free to comment if I failed to address anything or if you have any questions. Iím looking forward to hear from you!
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    Just a heads up for the admins, this commission has been taken!

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