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    Wip Lothgar WIP

    "Formerly part of the Avenian Empire, Lothgar won its independence following the events of the Avenian Civil War. Lothgar is ruled by a powerful Autarch who is treated as a demigod. Much of the Lothgarian Empire is located in arid lands. However the fertile Kellan river delta has both sustained the empire, and made it wealthy through trade. In fact, Lothgar is one of the major producers of coffee and spices in Eriond."

    Lothgar is a powerful autacrchic nation located in the far south of the known world of Eriond (a world that is I have created for use in my homebrew campaign setting). The map was created using GIMP and Wilbur. This is my second attempt at using Wilbur to help augment terrain. I experimented with a variety of different kinds of cloud patterns for the height map. I began with a Black and White relief map that had been copied from a portion of my earlier map of Eriond. Next came the cloud patterns. Generating terrain with clouds isn't normally difficult, but since this map is meant to model my preexisting map, the challenge was to find a GIMP cloud pattern suitable to manipulation. I then modified the cloud patterns with the paintbrush tool, and played around with various layer settings to generate the initial GIMP height map. This went into Wilbur where I generated the final Height Map. Then I used a Gradient Map to color the height Map, and a couple of Bump Maps to bring out the height. Right now I think the terrain is just about done and I'm going to start adding place names. As always comments and critiques are welcome.


    Edit: I couldn't fit in all the attachments into one post, so I'll upload the finalized terrain map in the following post.
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