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Thread: The History Channel's - How The States got Their Shape

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    Default The History Channel's - How The States got Their Shape

    Any one watching this show? Been very interesting to see and there have been a lot of missing states!

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    I like it when I have had a chance to catch it on TV. Lots of esoteric information which is fascinating.

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    I watch almost everything on History. I saw the 2 hour special last year but I have not yet caught the series...I think it just started last week and the Cardinals were on at the same time and I didn't catch the later rerun. I do believe that the first show was about how rivers form boundaries.
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    I saw this months ago. It was very interesting. I particularly love the town where part of it is int eh US and part in canada, and the library is on teh line and one door goes to Canada and the other to the US

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