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    Hi all!

    Firstly I just want to say hi here and give you a short briefing on myself

    Im love maps of most kinds and am constantly in search of good ones. My own creativeness is titanic, although I severely lack skills in the drawing-category. Instead I focus more on writing... nonetheless i draw maps myself (and not bad ones at that, I think!) and I already browsed a little through the available maps here.

    Just a few minutes ago I more or less finished a map of a style i copied here. I will give credit to the one who inspired me and post it within a few days.

    So much on that

    On a more personal sidenote: Im Chrisitan from Germany, 23 years of age and consumate Roleplayer!

    See you round, guys!

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    Welcome to the Guild! As a writer, you may also find value in one of the other Fantaseum Alliance sites, Plotstorming:

    Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with!
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    As some kind of "teaser" I can offer a regional map of a land within the book im writing (or at least trying to write *g*). Hope you like it, im a little farther with it already but didnt scan it since ages... ^^
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    Welcome to mappers paradise... the maporium, where everything is maptastic... (I got hundreds of these...)

    Very nice map can't wait to see the rest...

    My wife and I are publishing our first book, we expect to have it to the printers soon and back by spring/summer .... and finding this place was like destiny or fate or something... it is quantifying my knowledge of maps by leaps and bounds...

    since you've uploaded a teaser map.. you know you will eventually have to show us the rest ... we can't get enough of maps around here
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    Welcome, welcome, welcome! So glad you found your way here, and as delgond said, make sure to not just tease us: post those maps--and if you have some lit attached to it, be sure to at least give us come access to it, ok?

    Welcome, and I hope your membership is fruitful for both you and us!
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