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Thread: Greetings and many blessings!

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    Default Greetings and many blessings!

    Hello to everyone, and thanks to Anna for directing me here. I'm not sure which Anna, but she makes great maps. It is stuff that I wish I could do for my own work, I can't, have been trying for a long time and tried lots of different approaches, but as a technical designer (2d/3d) I ended up going to pens, coloured pencils and other things. But I'm not anywhere near where I want to be...

    Oh, I'm writing my own fantasy fiction and even do my own architectural designs to keep my work file nice and the world orderly. Sometimes a sword design, a warhammer. Character portraits. Anything to keep it all knitted together nicely. Though maps of mine always end up CAD drawn and then colour pencilled in. They are nice, but hardly presentable on a pro level.

    I'm an experienced HEMA Sword & Shield fighter, with my own suit of transitional plate armour. My wife fights as well, but she wears heavy leather and it a typical shieldmaiden. :-)

    Pleased to meet you all and thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome, Vorgentah!
    Really like to see some of you CAD-maps.

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    Welcome to the Guild.
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