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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey everyone, I just "finished" a map for a campaign I'm running for RP. It's for a small area, just would like to get some critiques from the community. I've been lurking around here for a long, long time and I've finally decided to post.

    I did a frosty type theme due to the campaigns setting in Winterhaven, etc. There are a few minor things I need to tweak, such as the river and the grainy map markers. Other than that and a few other things, its fairly done. So what do you guys think? Any feedback would be appreciated. All of my maps until now have been private. Thanks ! Go easy on me, haha.
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    Well I tried to open the link, but got a blank page error. If your map is huge, you might want to shrink it a bit to post. There is a limit to 4000(ish) pixels and 4.5 MB, but you can post maps directly into your post using the Attachment Manager in the 'go advanced' button at the bottom of your reply menu. A thumbnail is automatically created and posted - which links to the full size map.

    It's better than posting links. Besides for the Finished Maps forum you have to post an attachment thumbnail - it's required.
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    There! Thanks for that, haha.

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    I like it. The frost background is a nice touch. You probably ought not have the gray trees add up to black where they overlap. Likewise you could tweak the Ends Vale and Sleeping Lake labels to stay clear of the trees.

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    Nice hand-drawn isometric map view. I make trees like that sometimes too - my trees from the December Challenge Map from 2009 are similar. Good job! Although I might have made the trees smaller - they look huge compared to the surrounding mountains. I know this is an illustration map rather than meant to be truly accurate, so the trees is just to indicate there is some forest here, but I'd still probably shrink them to half their size. Still, good job.
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    It opened ok for me.

    Nice first map post.
    Winter maps are not my favorite, but that looked good to me.

    Constructive criticism:
    the background 'sky' has some blotches with too crisp of an edge.
    You might want to place the river closer to the center of the valley with smaller tributaries feeding it from the mountains, but only you know how your land slopes.
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