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Thread: Greetings from an unskilled maplover

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    Default Greetings from an unskilled maplover

    Hi, I've recently begun learning a few map-making techniques to satisfy my 16 players in my machiavellian RPG-campaign. I've been a fan of the Cartographers Guild for some time, and have loved maps since I was a child. I work with political opinion statistics and I try to make sure my roleplaying world is as believable as my work. Although I might not be very talented, at least I'm desperate enough to try to learn to make my own anyway. Can't have a roleplaying campaign without maps.

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    Welcome to the guild Flatline, like you said there are lots of great maps here.

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    Welcome, Flatline. If you want to develop some serious mapping skills, dig into the Guild's stack of tutorials. What graphics software to you have? Or have access to? Or wish you had an excuse to buy & learn?

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