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Thread: Political and Physical Map of Renakhna, Etarek (Atlas Style)

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    Map Political and Physical Map of Renakhna, Etarek (Atlas Style)

    Here's my first regional map for my world building project, Etarek. It follows on from this map and this map, which I am likely to re-draw in better projections soon.

    I plan on creating maps like these for the whole world, so I can eventually create a full atlas of the planet.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    All comments and criticisms are welcome. I want to know how it can be improved.

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    That is very nice...very crisp and clean. The stroke around the sea levels throws me off a bit. It seems off compared to the rest of the map. A couple of the nation borders seem a little wonky to me particular near the city of Khalon where the three nations meet. Very nice overall though...I look forward to seeing more!
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    It's nice to see a conic projection (Equidistant Conic?). It might be worth adding a bit more metadata to the map. Specify the projection, give a date, identify the cartographer or agency who created it, what sources were used, and so on. A legend explaining the political symbology would be good too. As it's part of a set, some of that might be on a separate page.

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    WOW! This is so crisp! Great use of color.

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    That's a little picky isn't it? In my opinion it's really good, I prefer pen and paper style maps, but I was looking for an atlas and I think the OP has done a brilliant job.

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