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Thread: A another Newbie Mapper

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    Default A another Newbie Mapper

    Hey everybody,

    my name is elesa, 21 years old an from austria.
    I found this site on and hope i will have lot of fun
    I only work with photoshop (and that since 10 years) and i love to finde new ways of using it.

    Mapping is one of this new things

    But i keep cool and say "Yes Baby i can make this "

    About me? Mhn... I think theres a lot to say about me, so ask me if you want any information.

    wishes you all a great day

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    Heyo Elesa,

    There's an excellent Tutorials/How-To section of the forum if you're not quite sure how to get started. If you have any questions or need any help just ask, everyone here is very friendly. We're all looking forward to seeing your maps.

    Welcome to the Cartographer's Guild!

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