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Thread: Article Request for the Next Issue of Fantaseum

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    Post Article Request for the Next Issue of Fantaseum

    That time of the year is coming around again where we are looking for material for the next quarter's edition of 'Fantaseum'.

    Would anyone be interested in writing a short article on the software that we use for mapping for the next issue of the zine? In terms of material, if you click the link in my sig (What software do you use?), there should be enough material to get you started.

    Any takers?

    Mapping related articles of all kinds are welcome, examples include:

    - Tutorials explaining how you drew a map.
    - Discussions and How-Tos on worldbuilding or city building.
    - An Interview with one of our industry pros.

    All donations gratefully received!

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    I'll see what I can whip up about CC3.
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    I would be honored to

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    It's a good idea - the old CBG interviewer, Turin, would have been perfect, but he hasn't been around in awhile now, and I don't see him as coming back anytime soon.

    I have an article coming in for you in the next couple days, Rav

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    oh... I was goign to volunteer but ... I'm way to late eh? ...

    I was thinking of writing a tutorial/informative guide on pen and ink drawing for the tutorials section of the forum .. if there was an interest for it... specifically on pens, choices of, caring of, using and abusing; inks and uses, choices etc; Paper size, texture, types. Then some basics on sketching, inking, shading, thatching, practice tips... and then a bit on lettering and caligraphy (basics... this of course is another topic entirely).... with my own personal experiences meshed in .... but from what I saw in the zine last issue... it may be too lengthy for such...

    I could do a small article on what I've found on code and puzzle building a little informative piece on how to develop your own types of code and puzzles into maps and into rpg in general... also useful for writing if one were so inclined to add flavor to a story they were writing.

    and I have a suggestion for a piece you could add... a bit on nautical terms and their meanings, as well as a list of types of ships, weapons, titles, and terms that would come in handy for any mapper, writer and gamer to use for a sea based type campaign... a little helper to add flavor and definition to whatever purpose the creator had in mind...

    sorry, you all probably have a place where you discuss things like this far away from the rabble... but those were just some of my thoughts
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    Thanks delgon!

    I'm afraid you are too late for the interview but an article on materials would be fantastic if you have a mind to do one.

    I also think your idea of useful lists is a brilliant one, I might make a 'starter for ten' with this post it up and people can just add to it, we can then clean it up for the article. Superb idea and thanks!

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