So...I've been led to the guild by Arsheesh...and then once I got here to introduce myself I got told to "go big, or go home" by goes. I don't have anything to present yet...other than my idea.

First of let me lay out my general plan:

I have a campaign world that has been through a devastating calamity. Here's a pic of a world similar to what I have in mind

Let's put aside the scientific discussion of whether such a world could possibly exist. Let's just say that it is held together by the will of the gods. If you are REALLY interested in my back story I'd be more than happy to lay it out for you...or you could get a general idea by visiting my obsidian portal campaign here:

Anyway I think there are a few things about this world that will be a bit different than a classic fantasy map. First...somewhere between a third and a half of the globe is simply gone. The impact has broken huge chunks of the crust into space and the debris floats in orbit around the remains of the globe.

Second...There are really no massive oceans left. I would like there to be some remnants of oceans...but I imagine that what is left would be the beds of former oceans, seas and lakes. So...I'd be mapping what was once ocean bottom.

Third...There will be impact craters

Fourth...the remaining half of the globe will still retain some semblance of "normal" appearance...forests, rivers etc....but with some indication of the effects of the initial devastation...volcanoes...impact craters...effects of earthquakes etc.

Fifth...the time frame for the story is about a thousand years after the "breaking" as it is referred to in the campaign, so the effects of erosion and weathering will have had some impact on the terrain.

Sixth...there is an entire region of "edge" and the new "face" of the planet to consider.

Seventh...I imagine I could be sending my PC's into the field of debris in orbit so mapping some of the field or some of the larger rocks is in the future.

Phew...I'm sure there are more things to consider...but that's plenty for now.

When all is said and done, I'd like to have a single world map...perhaps in a globe form as well as a flat map. I'll have maps of important regions and major cities and the like. The landscape is also dotted with the ruins of the former civilizations that once thrived there.

If you have any thoughts on the best way to start I'd be all ears. I'm a TOTAL beginner as far as digital mapping is concerned...I can draw a fair enough "rough" map of what I've got in mind. I've already downloaded GIMP and I've taken a look at a few of the tuts....I think I like the look of your maps Arsheesh...for the world map....I could see using more freehand, artistic maps for some of the regional work.

Waddaya think??

dlaporte (aka Dave)