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    Map Unnamed map

    So this is a map I finished using the tutorial on this page. I'm satisified with the end result and I really like the style. I'd love to get some feed back on what I can do better though and also maybe guided to a tutorial on name making that would match the style.
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    Looks pretty good! I like the shape of the land mass and the mountain placement looks spot-on to me.

    Your rivers are misbehaving badly though. A few quick tips (there are more in the Rivers sticky in the tut forum): 1) Rivers travel from high land to low land (usually the sea). 2) As they travel, they join; they almost never split. 3) Lakes will have exactly one outlet, other than temporary situations.

    Also, you seem to have a LOT of really big lakes. Being from Michigan which is one of the most lake-rich areas in the world, it looks just fine to me And big ol' lakes seem to grow like hotcakes in fantasy realms. But in reality the number of really big inland-sea type lakes is very small. The one in the center in particular seems like it would just erode that tiny bit of land into a big bay instead.

    It does however, look like a good implementation of the style, water issues aside

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