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Thread: [Region 1][Map 05] Charnok

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    Post [Region 1][Map 05] Charnok

    hey folks. i know it's been a while since i was seen here, but i've been working on this area and i haven't gotten a result that i like yet. i've had four or 5 ideas that haven't panned out and i'm still going through the motions when i can get time between work and moving.
    i'll post a WIP later today, but right now i'll show you what it looks like. we'll see....

    this isn't one of my better works. i know now that the rivers are too wide, the mountains look like crud, and i have no idea what to do about any of it besides scrap the whole thing and start over. AAAAUGGGRRRR!!!!! i wish i was an artist and not a hack!

    i know there are dozens of things wrong with this one. give me a clue, somewhere to start, a direction maybe. i'm out of ideas, maybe you folks here can give me something.
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    you know, i was just thinking that way myself. time to get out the drafting pens....

    update to follow.

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    Shoot! I definitely need to get back to the drawing board or I'll be handing in "too late" (I also intent drawing by hand). I'm exaggerating, of course.
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    so bad news everyone...

    i apologize for any problems this may cause, but i am sad to announce my departure from this project. my life has become so busy right now that i cannot devote the time to this or any other projects for the near future. I have to move, and that comes with resultant headaches and stresses, work has just overburdened me with another 20 hours a week on top of the 45 i was already doing, and a new production has begun. "Glengarry Glen Ross" has started rehearsals and the nights i would have to design maps are going toward that endeavor.

    once again i am sorry to you all. anyone who wants to continue this area please do so. thank you for all your understanding in this matter.

    i'll still check back from time to time, but i have no time for drawing any maps....

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    Sorry to hear it, tm, but do keep checking back and I hope things become less hectic for you. Enjoy the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowds and be well.

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    Sorry as well, but best of luck in your future endeavors. We will of course, be here when you get back.
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    Sorry to hear. Anyways, like Neon said it: I believe there will be work for you to be done here (;-)) when you get back to mapping. It's just the type of map that changes.
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    I'm also sorry to hear that TM, but I understand fully. There will always be a place for you so if and when, just shout.

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    Post [Region 1][Map 05] Charnok

    Ok, so I figured I would get a place holder up in in case someone wants to do any mapping for the June contest.

    Charnok is a cold, fairly desolate place. Almost totally mountainous terrain, Charnok is home to very few civalized human settlements, mostly on the south western corner. Other notable features:

    • Two large dwarven kingdoms: Gnar Chertok and Gral Methoras
    • Tal Dra`Quinlith: a hidden elven kingdom. Basically, think Rivendell, a place magically protected from the cold/weather and easy outside access located somewhere in a large mountain valley
    • 5-6 major barbarian tribes of 150 or so residents each and 2-3 times that number of small ones of 30-40 people each. All are nomadic, but there are a few semi permanent lodge structures and a permanent setup somewhere which is used for yearly clan meetings. A few of the clans reluctantly trade with the dwarves and a few others trade with the civilized settlements.
    • There are several ruined keeps and 2 towers, all of which were abandoned (as far as we know) between 100 and 1200 years ago. The barbarians stay away from most of them. These are mostly on remote mountain top peaks or valleys.
    • Tons a Reindeer, Elk, etc, both wild and tended by the Barbarian tribes.
    • On the north side of the map, there is an Ice Giant settlement that houses 300+ giants over a 50 mile area of the northern mountain range. No humans dare venture into this area for obvious reasons. They occasionally make extended raids against barbarian tribes that happen to be in the area. Every 50 years or so, they attack nearby outposts of Gnar Chertok, though there are rarely many casualties on the giants side, the dwarves usually take a few hundred losses. Rarely do the giants actually attempt to break through the main gates due to the strength of the gates.
    • Various orc and goblin hiddy holes hidden in caves throughout the region. of course, there are various skirmishes with the dwarves, mostly underground.
    • At least 1 white dragon (Belamytharandus) lives in the region with brood of 5 wymlings. Mostly content to feed on the abundant livestock, she occasionally ranges far and attacks either barbarian tribes or even one of the towns on rare occasions, though most think this is more for her amusement that for food.

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