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    I have been drawing maps for D+D games, and other games for many many years. I have done several maps for others too, sometimes cause they ask, and others, when I see their maps and want to help [lol]
    I have recently been working more and more with photoshop. I currently use photoshop 7 because of the program costs. I rarely get feedback on my maps. If there is a place here I can post some, I would be interested in feedback from them. I only recently found this forum when I was looking for a good method for scattered forests for a map with photoshop.

    Thanks, and nice to meet you!


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    Welcome CaptnJack! You can post your images in the "Finished Maps" forum (if they are finished) or in the Regional/World, City, Dungeon map forums (depending on what your map is of) if it is still a work in progress.


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    Welcome! Hope to see your work soon.

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