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    Default Greetings

    Having tried to find a decent mapping site for a LONG time, I am simply overjoyed to have landed here finally.

    My quest is at an end.

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    Welcome to the Guild Phlimm! You are right, your quest is at an end, this place is a paradise for anyone who is into mapmaking.

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    Nay, good sir - your quest has but begun :-). Welcome to the Guild, Phlimm. Now you can shift to looking for the next good technique, the next wonderful tool, the next best style.

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    I wish I had skills that even were a tenth of what I have found here. Sadly, I feel that I am not worthy to clean the nibs of the pens of the true artisans.

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    I sort of wish there was a "You can be as good" neon sign at the top of the forum. Stop cleaning those nibs and start checking out the tutorials! While no one here can teach you imagination, they can teach you the craft and skill parts and you can definitely do it if you want to.

    Also, welcome! =P

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    Welcome. It is a rich location and host to a diverse collection of individuals and skills. I look forward to watching you work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larb View Post
    I sort of wish there was a "You can be as good" neon sign at the top of the forum.

    Welcome to the Guild

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