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Thread: Irregularly shape background .bmp

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    Default Irregularly shape background .bmp


    I am very new to CC3... but very determined to make it work for me! ;-)

    I bought the software a few months ago, I played around, and had a great time - I actually succeded in making a few maps I was very proud of! Then my computer crashed (for unrelated reasons), I got frustrated, and I left CC3 alone for awhile after I reloaded it on the new machine.
    Now I am back... and I cannot re-do a nifty trick I achieved on my first go! Here's my issue.

    1. I start with a map in .bmp;
    2. in MS Paint, I cut my map with "select- free form", so to give it an irregular shap at the contours;
    3. I saved the new .bmp file (attachment 1);
    4. And import it to CC3, as a nice background for the map I want to create.

    And here's the problem: when I first play with it 4 months ago, I was able to import the irregularly-shaped imagine into CC3, as irregularly shaped! Now, see imagine 2, it comes as a squared imagine with a ugly white at the corners. I cannot recall how I did it the first time!

    Anyone has any help to refresh my memory? Thanks is advance for your help!

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    As far as I know .bmp does not support transparency (neither does MS paint), if you want an easy more powerful tool get Paint .NET (you need .net framework), or if you want a really good tool get GIMP (or Photoshop, whatever suits you).
    If you are still determined to work with MS Paint you can use the bucket tool to change the background to another color
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    I think you can kind of do what you intend. You can make a transparent selection, but it means all of the selected colour will be transparent (i think). See atachment for a screenshot.

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    I think you could then make a white layer in photoshop to paste image on so background colour won't leak through.
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    First thing's first: Every image will be rectangular. Even if you cannot see the shape because it's transparent, it's still there.

    As mbartelsm said, bmp does not have a provision for transparency, nor does jpeg. If you want the edges to be invisible, you should use png or tiff. You could also conceivably use gif, but png is superior in almost every way (the single exception being animation). And, as far as I can tell, Paint does not have the ability to designate a transparent color, even if you're using a file format that supports it. The transparent selection tool might do what you need, but what you'd have to do would be to select your image, copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into your target application. I'm not sure that CC3 will take data from the clipboard that way, though. I can't test it for you because I don't have CC3 installed at the moment.

    The suggestion of downloading the Gimp is an excellent one. It's a free open-source alternative to Photoshop, and it's very well-supported by both the Gimp community and by this one.
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    I agree with the post above that says go with GIMP and save as PNG. CC3 is very PNG friendly. There are videos on the Internet that show how to use the fuzzy select tool to change those white corners to transparent. Takes seconds. I also use GIMP to scale images up and down (normally down).

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