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Thread: Good Morning

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    Info Good Morning

    I was pleased to find this site, both for the tutorials and inspirational maps on show.

    I'm a 68 year old gamer living in the UK's only bit of sub-arctic tundra (60N 1W). My main mapping tools have been Terragen and Worldmachine for a long time and I've just finished my first gimp map. This is a re-build of the master map for a campaign I ran some 25 years ago, and boy, did I need the tutorials! I'm quite pleased with the way it has turned out; now all I've got to do is produce the area and local maps that I'll need.

    Attached a reduced copy of the map, slow net connection!

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    Hi there Corax, welcome to the Guild! Glad you found the tutorials helpful, and congratulations on finishing your first map! I hope that it is a smash at your next Gaming session (I'm sure it will be). Hope to see you around.


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