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Thread: How to make less random mountains with "Ascension's Atlas Style in GIMP" guide

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    Question How to make less random mountains with "Ascension's Atlas Style in GIMP" guide

    "Ascension's Atlas Style in GIMP" has a fairly decent method for making mountains however it seems very random.
    Following from Step 10-15 (the bottom of page 3 - top of page 5) you end up with very random objects that will become your mountains.
    Here is my issue; I really like how the final product looks but the randomness annoys me.
    This is where i stand as of now
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	helpexample1.jpg 
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    Consulting the second image i can explain what i want to have done;
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	helpexample2.jpg 
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    Following from 1 along the line and arrow i want to construct a large mountain range extending just about the whole line.
    Following from 2 (which is pointing to 2 mountains) i'd like to take them in or as in arrow 1 construct something more exact and less random.

    I have spend nearly 2 hours randomly generating clouds and trying different filters but everything is random.
    I did try and read through a few pages of threads before I put this post up but nothing seems to come close to getting me where i'd like to be.
    I will admit that my eyes are nearly glazed over at this point, so if i'm missed a link i am very sorry.
    I have been learning both GIMP and these guides on the fly over the past few hours so my knowledge and vocab on this subject is very limited.

    Thanks again for any help.
    PS; i think i messed up the attachments...

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    Forgot to mention that I was using the .PDF file.

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    Did you ever get a reply to this? I'm similarly trying to fix up a map and put the mountains exactly where I want them. I've yet to decide which type of map I want to do in the end, so I'm playing around with a parchment type drawn map vs a map similar to what you show in your first post here. One of the better ways to achieve what we're thinking of seems to be Rob A.'s tutorial "Simple Mountains in GIMP". That will work with the kind of map you show above, but I'm not sure about the "hand drawn parchment type map". There's a tutorial for that as well, but I seem to have lost it. I think it was something like "Simple Fantasy Map" or something very similarly worded. Worth checking out these two tutorials, I think.

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    I just went through the tutorial in Photoshop and found that I could move the whole mountain cloud layer around on the screen to align different mountains exactly where I wanted them and then attack what I don"t want with the eraser. It was a quick way to test fit lots of mountain choices quickly.

    I hope that something similar works in Gimp.

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