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Thread: The buried treasure of Fumanchu by Jaxilon

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    Default The buried treasure of Fumanchu by Jaxilon

    First map done in Photoshop after moving from Gimp and using a Wacom5 touch large tablet.

    The idea was is to mislead treasure hunters deep into the wilderness when in fact if they understood the riddle and folded the map overlapping the faces, they would find the treasure no so very far away.

    This was done for a challenge but I forgot to move it over to the finished area so here it is. The WIP thread is here for those interested.

    Below is the full map as well as what it should look like when folded upon itself.
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    Very Nice. Great Color, and the Eye to Eye fold neat, brings me back to the those MAD magazine folds when I was a kid.

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    Nice one. I like the brownish tones that really give character to the map.

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    Nice sketch work and color choice. BTW, just got my own Intuos5 and am having a hell of a time learning the hand eye coordination with it, so I appreciate your pencil-work on this.


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