Hello, I am humbly asking if someone may draw me two maps, well more like redraw them. The maps I want redrawn are as follows:

imgur: the simple image sharer and imgur: the simple image sharer

They are two maps for a non-profit, story wiki at Omniverse: Erudite Tales Wiki, the first map being my region and the second map being the continent on which most of the story takes place. Though sadly I cannot pay, the picture shall be credited to its author as stated below in the Copyright section.

Some notes for the maps for whoever wants to take this request, for clarity's sake:

*For the second map (the one of the continent), please ignore the country names and boundaries and don't draw them. This was simply for informational purposes on the wiki considering territories.

*In the first map (the regional one), the Morde is a large swamp. Also, the curved lined under the large band of mountains shows the edge of the Catalonin Highlands to the left area, while the dark green area to the bottom right of that particular section is the Aila Forest. Also, the little islands at the end of the rivers to the west and south are called Azute and Minamisur respectively.


I would like both maps to be similar to the map style shown here ->

Quality & Size

Though I hope for a professional work if I am lucky, I'll also accept semi-professional as well. As for size, I have no specific size, though moderately large (for viewing purposes) will do.

Time Constraints

There is no time constraint, an artist can take as long as needed. I just ask for a rough estimate for how long, so that I may know.


Credit will go to the artist on the picture's profile, as well as a link to this site and/or any other site to the artists creations if he/she wants.

Contact Details

If any questions or such, contact me at