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    Post Hi all...

    I've been lurking around for the past month or two and admiring the maps ("Ooooooo...." mostly) posted on here, but finally decided to make an account.

    Anyway, my name is Aaron. I have a map drawn in an A4 sketchbook and have it open on photoshop as I type this. These things obviously take more than a few nights obviously but I'm hoping to get a nice shiny result to a vast world that I would consider a big playground for a multitude of stories in the years to come. Some parts of the map are already named, borrowing a mixture of Old Norse, Old English and some Latin words in varied locations (yes, I am going the Tolkien route at the moment). It's going to be a lifelong project I do in my spare time, and it probably won't even involve a single map but an entire cosmology. For now, I'm concentrating on this one map, but I'm hoping that I can learn a lot more from these forums and speed up the process.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I like this map you claim to have drawn! Bring me another! *Throws on ground*

    Welcome to the mapphouse. We're not mad here, only mappers. Maaaaaaaaps.....sss.
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    Welcome to the Guild.

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